Right of Shareholder

The group realizes the rights of the shareholders without doing anything in violation or derogation of their rights, including encouraging them to exercise their rights. The fundamental rights of the shareholders are the right to purchase, sell, or transfer shares, receive profits and sufficient information of the Company. The shareholders are entitled to freely express their opinions in Shareholders’ Meetings and take part in decision-making on significant matters,appointment or removal of directors, appointment of auditors, and issues which impact the Company such as dividend allocation, amendments to the Articles of Association, capital increase or decrease, and approval of extraordinary items.

The Company determines the policy to encourage and facilitate shareholders in the following aspects.

  • The company designates its board of directors to make an appointment for the shareholder meeting with the sufficient information for the shareholders to acknowledge before the meeting date seven days in advance, or as the SEC and SET shall designate.
  • In each shareholder meeting the chair of the meeting shall explain on the guidance used in the meeting, including the procedures on voting and allocation of the meeting sufficiently.
  • It opens an opportunity for the shareholders can submit their opinions, recommendation and inquiry in advance before the meeting date.
  • It opens the opportunity for the shareholders to inquire, express their opinions and recommendations fully with the directors and the management involved to attend it to answer the questions in the meeting. After the meeting is adjourned the company shall prepare the minutes of the meeting by showing the information correctly and fully, so they can verify them.
  • In the case the shareholders cannot attend the meeting themselves, the company opens an opportunity to make a proxy for the independent director or anyone to attend on their behalf. They can use a proxy statement in the form provided by the company with the meeting appointment.