Right of Shareholder

ACG Group has realize and prioritize the right of shareholder without any violation or derogate as well as to encourage shareholders to exercise their rights and the basic rights of shareholder including sale or transfer of shares, share profit of company, receiving an adequate information, attend to vote in the shareholder meeting to remove the director and involve the auditor and other matter which affecting the company such as dividend allocation, determination or amendment of regulations and memorandum of association, reduction or increase in capital and approval of another special items etc.

In this regards, the company will proceed in various matter to promote and facilitates the exercise of shareholders' right as follow :

  • The company requires the board to prepare a shareholders' meeting invitation with the adequate information to the shareholders within 7 days before the meeting or perform follow the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand are required.
  • At the shareholder's meeting of each, the chairman will inform the rules of the meeting, the voting process to the shareholder and their also organized an adequate time for the meeting.
  • Allow the shareholders to submit their comments, suggestions and other questions before to the AGM.
  • Allow the shareholders to ask, express an opinion and other suggestions with relevant directors and management of the company who attend the shareholders' meeting to answer that questions, once the meeting is completed, the company will prepare the minutes of the meeting with accurate and complete information for the shareholders to review.
  • In the event that shareholders are unable to attend the meeting, the company allows the shareholders to appoint independent directors or any person to attend the meeting on their behalf by using any type of proxy that the company sent with the invitation.