ACG Group has always concern to practice follow the Good Corporate Governance, therefore, the Board of Directors has a policy to comply with the best practices and guidelines,

which is in line with the Good Corporate Governance principles for listed companies in 2017 (Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017) issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission which is taken from the principles of Good Corporate Governance for listed companies in 2012 of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and covers all 5 categories of OECD principles regarding rights and equality of shareholders and stakeholders. The role of stakeholders was information disclosure and transparency and the duties of the board.

In this regard, the implementation of this principle of Good Corporate Governance was reflected in the business ethics including the charter of the Board of Directors and sub-committees which assigned in various matters and the filling of the board meeting agenda and committees in advance throughout the year, to ensure that the board's performance is complete by detailing the practices of the company which will specify in the report of Good Corporate Governance.